Value of Mentorship

Students are 52% less likely to skip school
and 37% less likely to skip class with consistent
mentorship. Volunteer
 Youth involved in regular mentorship are
46% less likely than their peers to start using
illegal drugs and 27% less likely to start
drinking .Big Brothers Big Sisters Venture Study
 Consistent mentorship strengthens communication
and accountability skills which
transcend to home and work life.
 Increased probability of school success,
involvement in school community and
sense of belonging.


Welcome to HOPENH

HopeNH is a new non profit mentoring program which identifies adolescents in danger of not reaching their full potential.
Provide continuing mentorship in their developmental and educational journey.
Creating Pathways to Success
Through Mentorship

The genesis of this program began
in 2007 when working with middle
school students. It became evident
that there was a disconnect for a
growing number of students transitioning
from middle school to high
school. Increased truancy and drop
out rates provide sufficient evidence
that some students require individualized